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2020 Reports and Videos

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Q2 2018 Miami Beach Condos: Records $3M+ Sales, Luxury Condos at 2013 Prices

Q2 2018 saw a record number of $3M+ condo transactions in Miami Beach. After years of declining sales volume, sellers are starting to meet buyers. The oceanfront luxury condo market is starting to clear at 2013 prices, and high profile hedge fund managers are leading the way.
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Miami Beach Top 10 Condo Sales – Q1 & Q2 2018

2018 Q1 & Q2: The top 10 Miami Beach condo sales ranged from $8.7M - $26M. The second quarter saw a record number of $3M+ sales, as buyers negotiated significant discounts. The top ten sales averages a 29% discount off of their original list price and took an average of 503 days to sell. Post has interactive map and table.
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South Beach shines, Flamingo historic district disappoints

There is an ongoing debate over the value of preservation and historic districts. What has been lacking in this discussion…

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Miami Beach Condo Bubble: The Cash Buyer is Disappearing | Ana Bozovic | Analytic Miami Whiteboard Video

Miami Condo Bubble: The cash buyer is disappearing

The early 2000s Miami boom was fueled by liar loans, but this cycle was fueled by the cash buyer. Miami Beach condo transactions have declined sharply for 4 straight years. 91% of the decline is due to the disappearance of the cash buyer from the Miami real estate market. Meanwhile, debt is getting more expensive.
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Analytics Miami Report: Older Miami Beach Housing Stock is Steadily Losing Value

Miami Beach: Historic Preservation is Driving Out the Middle Class

Miami Beach's older housing stock never recovered from the last market downturn. "Historic" 1950s and 1960s buildings are being passed…

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Miami Beach Multi Family Opportunities | Whiteboard with Ana Bozovic | Analytics Miami

Miami Beach is losing rental buildings while demand is growing

The supply of Miami Beach multi family properties has declined by over 15% since 2010, while demand is increasing. Spotlight on North Beach: the neighborhood is in early sages of revitalization. Real estate opportunity: take advantage of under-supply in Miami multi family + neighborhood upside.
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Real estate expert Ana Bozovic in the Press | South Florida Business Journal North Beach Article

In The Press: South Florida Business Journal, North Beach Opportunities & Obstacles

Thank you South Florida Business Journal for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on Miami Beach development…

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Ana Bozovic giving her "Missing Middle" presentation to the Miami Beach land use committee

The Missing Middle: Issues in Miami Beach Housting Stock

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Special Real Estate Report: Miami Condo Inventory

Contact me for: off-market hotel deals, land deals and hotel marketing. I have one of the largest private databases on…

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Analytics Miami Condo Market Report – State of the Market 2018

Contact me for: off-market hotel deals, land deals and hotel marketing. I have one of the largest private databases on…

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Map of the Miami’s Micro Apartment and Condo Projects

1. Vice Tower --> renamed, xMiami Address: 230 NE 4th St, Miami, FL Status: topped off, June 2017 Completion: Fall, 2018…

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Micro Units Coming to the Miami Real Estate Market

Key Points on new Micro Designation:   Minimum residential unit size reduced to 275 SF from 400 SF. Can only…

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View from the Icon South Beach, a luxury Miami Condo.

Great News for Miami Hotels: Miami is the Second Most Visited City in the Americas

Miami ranks only behind NYC for incoming international visitors. According to Euromonitor's recently released Top 100 City Destination Ranking study,…

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Map of the 5 Most Expensive Per Room Miami Hotel Sales

1. Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Address: 455 Grand Bay Drive Sold: $325M in 2015 = $1,069,536 /key Largest transaction of 2015.…

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Miami Hotel Market – where are the opportunities?

The Miami hotel market is one of the best in the nation. The Miami hotel market has shown strong and…

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Miami Hotel Market Report: Long Term Trends, through Summer 2017

Going back to 1987, the Miami hotel market has exhibited strong and steady growth across key metrics, exhibiting less volatility…

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Miami Real Estate Report Q2 2017 | Analytics | Condo & SFH Overview

Miami Real Estate Report Q2 2017: Condo & SFH Macro Overviews

I am very happy to announce the first of my official Miami real estate reports. These first Miami real estate…

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Finding Yields in a low yield environment - Ana Bozovic video

Real Estate Investing: Finding Returns In A Low Yield Environment

Questions I often get asked by individual investors: Where should I put my money? Where can I get a good return?…

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Miami Beach Condo Market

Miami Beach is a municipality located on barrier islands that are separated from the mainland by Biscayne Bay. With its Caribbean…

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Where is the bubble in Miami Condos? These charts reveal the truth.

To understand where forces are pushing the Miami real estate market, it is important to know the current relationships between the…

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Market Winners: Miami Beach One Bedroom Condos

The general Miami condo market is experiencing drastic reductions in transaction volume. We are currently below 2011 volume. However, there…

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Miami Condos Median Price History | Real Estate Market Trend Analysis

Miami Condo Sales: The General Market Never Got Back to Old Highs

Here's a fact about the Miami condo market that surprises many people: neither median nor average condo prices ever got back to…

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Miami Condo Sales Volume 2007 – 2017 | Real Estate Trend Analysis

There has been quite a lot of talk in the press lately about Miami condo inventory, both incoming and active.…

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