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Miami Real Estate Market Analysis

Trend analysis &
special situations in Miami real estate.

Q2 2018 Miami Beach Condos: Records $3M+ Sales, Luxury Condos at 2013 Prices

Q2 2018 saw a record number of $3M+ condo transactions in Miami Beach. After years of declining sales volume, sellers are starting to meet buyers. The oceanfront luxury condo market is starting to clear at 2013 prices, and high profile hedge fund managers are leading the way.
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Miami Beach Top 10 Condo Sales – Q1 & Q2 2018

2018 Q1 & Q2: The top 10 Miami Beach condo sales ranged from $8.7M - $26M. The second quarter saw a record number of $3M+ sales, as buyers negotiated significant discounts. The top ten sales averages a 29% discount off of their original list price and took an average of 503 days to sell. Post has interactive map and table.
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South Beach shines, Flamingo historic district disappoints

There is an ongoing debate over the value of preservation and historic districts. What has been lacking in this discussion…

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Miami Beach Condo Bubble: The Cash Buyer is Disappearing | Ana Bozovic | Analytic Miami Whiteboard Video

Miami Condo Bubble: The cash buyer is disappearing

The early 2000s Miami boom was fueled by liar loans, but this cycle was fueled by the cash buyer. Miami Beach condo transactions have declined sharply for 4 straight years. 91% of the decline is due to the disappearance of the cash buyer from the Miami real estate market. Meanwhile, debt is getting more expensive.
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