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Next event: Miami Beach Q1 2020 Real Estate Report Release at the Famous 5th St Gym

Date & Time
5th St Gym, 1019 5th St, Miami Beach

Event Recap: February 1st, 2020
Miami Beach 2020 Report Release & Pro Boxing Exhibition

State of the Market: Miami Beach Condos
Data is through Q4 2019

Supply and Demand Disconnect
Inventory has steadily risen across market segments, all while transaction volume has dropped off. Higher price points are the worst offenders. The Miami $1M+ market saw a 147% increase in supply since 2013, while sales dropped 32% in the same period.

Transaction volume below 2010
Miami Beach and Miami condo transaction volume remains below the post-recession numbers we saw in 2010. For most market segments transaction volume peaked in 2013, and has since been dropping. Recent changes to SALT deductions have not offset the volume decline.

Meet Coach Dino Spencer & the 5th Street Gym Fighters

Coach Dino Spencer & Ana Bozovic

If you follow me on social media, you know that I train with the pro fighters at 5th St Gym. Coach Dino Spencer is carrying on the legacy of Muhammad Ali, training world class fighters in Miami Beach

The 5th St. Gym got its start in 1950 when Chris Dundee began promoting big time boxing in Miami Beach. It helped shape the history of Miami Beach, and the magic is kept alive today by Coach Dino Spencer and the team. The original gym created countless world champions, such as Carmen Basilio, Willie Pastrano and the greatest of them all, Muhammad Ali.

We are fortunate to have many world class fighters training at 5th St. gym today. The fighters who sparred at the event are listed below. Please contact coach Dino for sponsorship opportunities.

Vitaliy Kopylenko | 28-2

Daniele Scardina | 18-0

Luis Palomino | 42-16

Eronim Aradoaie | 8-0

Matteo Papa | 8-0

Kristaps Bulmeistars | 8-0

Nikolay Shvab | 4-0

Christian Thun | 4-0

Mikita Kanashevich | 3-0

Fardi Pashazade | 2-0

NNikolay Shvab (4-0) & Eronim Aradoaie (8-0)

Monica Matteo-Salinas

Coach Guy & Friends

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Vitaliy Kopylenko (28-2)

Coach Dino & Jules

Luis Palomino (42-16) & Matteo Papa (8-0)

Miami Beach Commissioner Steven Meiner, Developer Shaya Boymelgreen, Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Ana Bozovic

Eronim Aradoaie (8-0)

Nikolay Shvab (4-0), Olympic Sprinter Jerome Eyana & Elena Ivanova

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Vitaliy Kopylenko (28-2)

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Ana Bozovic

Daniele Scardina (18-0), Ana Bozovic & Arthur Porosoff

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Vitaliy Kopylenko (28-2)

Daniele Scardina (18-0), Shaya Boymelgreen & Ana Bozovic

Jacob Zabara, Elena Ivanova, Ana Bozovic & Shaya Boymelgreen

Jerome Eyana (olympic sprinter & my coach) & Ana Bozovic

Christian Thun (4-0) & Ana Bozovic

Keith Larson & Ana Bozovic

DJ Bryan Stone & Ana Bozovic

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Vitaliy Kopylenko (28-2)

Yosmar Martinez, Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian, Laura Dominguez & Ana Bozovic

Fardi Pashazade (2-0) & Christian Thun (4-0)

Matteo Papa (8-0) & Luis Palomino (42-16)

Ana Bozovic, Kaya Wittenburg & the Fire Department

Mattoe Papa (8-0) and Drew Curry

Elena Ivanova & Jacob Zabara

Coach Dino Spencer & Guests

Daniele Scardina (18-0) & Jules

Jenya Timchenko & Kelly O’Connell

Brandon Isner, Ana Bozovic & Arthur Porosoff

DJ Bryan Huberty & Live Ultimate

Kelly O’Connell & Ana Bozovic

Ana Bozovic & Coach Dino Spencer

Miami Beach Commissioner Steven Meiner & the Fire Department

Matteo Papa (8-0) & Drew Curry

Vitaliy Kopylenko (28-2)


Ana Bozovic & Brandon Isner

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