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2022 Annual & 2023 Forecast: Miami Dade Real Estate Report

Sales Volume At High Prices / SF
The wealth and talent migration is seen when we chart sales past various price-per-square-foot thresholds. The condo market past $2K/SF had a record year, almost 5X higher than pre Covid, and was 82% cash. Whole new market segments are emerging, and they are a reflection of incoming appetites.

Inventory & Volume Below $1M
Inventory below $1M remains almost 60% below pre Covid realities. While below 2021 highs, sales volume is still up for the year versus pre Covid in 2019. Interest rates add friction, but the combo of low inventory and 50% cash buyers provides a floor.

Miami Dade Luxury Real Estate Sales 2022

Analogous to record 2022 sales vol posted by RollsRoyce & Lamborghini.

Upper echelons of #MiamiRealestate posted record 2022.

The wealth & talent migration out of high tax, high lockdown states is very real. As is the growing wealth gap.

Real Estate Market by the numbers! The Freedom Achiever Podcast with David Adam Kurz

January 26, 2023

Very excited to have Ana Bozovic join us on the Freedom Achiever Podcast today. Ana is the owner of an Analytics company with a focus on understanding the real estate market in South Florida. Today we are going to dig right into what is happening in the market, what's moving and what's not!

Interview with David Abrams, CEO & Founder of Masonre

April, 2022

We covered Miami real estate, the world, and the power of being limitless.

The 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast | Part 1 Is this Market Sustainable?

February, 2022

Where is the Miami Real Estate Market Going in 2022?

In this first part of our 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast I sit down with Ana Bozovic. Ana is a Miami real estate analyst and the owner of Analytics Miami. We had an in-depth conversation discussing today's market and its sustainability. We went in-depth on what drives this market, and what can potential weaken or strengthen it.

The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate Showcase

November 10, 2021

Ana Bozovic sits with Keith Larsen of the Real Deal to discuss the forces that are shaping the South Florida and Miami real estate markets, and to give a forecast for 2022.

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