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Q1 2022 Miami Real Estate Report & Forecast
The flight of capital and talent continued with no sign of abatement.
A major shift in focus is underway.

$1M+ transactions on fire
Transactions above $1M were up 6x in Q1 2022 versus pre Covid levels in Q1 2019. The biggest jump in Q1 2022 was in $1M+ condos, with transaction volume up 9.5x versus pre Covid. Q1 2022 had more $1M+ condo transactions than previous calendar years.

Inventory at record low & falling
Inventory continued to steadily fall throughout Q1 2022, Aggregate city-wide inventory fell a staggering 62% versus the same time period in 2019. Sub $1M condos had the biggest drop versus pre Covid levels, with inventory falling 69%.

2021 Annual Report & Forecast
South Florida's Cash Tsunami & The Great Pandemic Migration are Reshaping America

Dollars Spent At All-Time Highs
$77.5B was spent in South Florida in 2021, thats an extra $38B compared to the same time period in 2019. While dollars spent rose 96%, properties sold rose 28%. The surge in spending is fueled by $1M+ properties, as capital relocates to the region.

Inventory At All-Time Lows
Active listings continued to fall in each county and across all price segments. Overall, tri-county inventory for condos & SFH fell a staggering 58% versus the same time in 2019.

2021 Annual Report & Forecast
Miami’s record shattering year is the new normal, as the flight of capital continues.

Flow of money at record high
Almost twice as much money was spent on condos & SFH in the city of Miami during 2021 versus pre-Covid levels in 2019. Sales volume rose only 31% for the same period, indicating that the surge is driven by demand for higher priced properties.

Inventory at record low
Inventory continued to steadily fall throughout 2021, reaching all time lows across property types and across price points. Aggregate city-wide inventory fell a staggering 50% versus the same time period in 2019.

Interview with David Abrams, CEO & Founder of Masonre

April, 2022

We covered Miami real estate, the world, and the power of being limitless.

The 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast | Part 1 Is this Market Sustainable?

February, 2022

Where is the Miami Real Estate Market Going in 2022?

In this first part of our 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast I sit down with Ana Bozovic. Ana is a Miami real estate analyst and the owner of Analytics Miami. We had an in-depth conversation discussing today's market and its sustainability. We went in-depth on what drives this market, and what can potential weaken or strengthen it.

The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate Showcase

November 10, 2021

Ana Bozovic sits with Keith Larsen of the Real Deal to discuss the forces that are shaping the South Florida and Miami real estate markets, and to give a forecast for 2022.

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