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Acquisition & Lending partner

Analytics.Miami has partnered with a private investor who is actively seeking investment in Florida and who provides hard money lending solutions. Opportunities are evaluated on the basis of our independent market research and analysis.

This is not a fund, rather is a private investor. Decisions are made quickly, all acquisitions are cash, and we provide short closings.
Loans and purchases 500,000 to over 200 million are considered.


Purchases from $500K - $200M will be considered.

Investor is actively seeking to deploy funds in South Florida across property classes.

All acquisitions are cash, and we can provide very fast closings.

Hard Money Lending

Loans can be made in excess of $200M.

Investor is a private lender, and provide solutions across real estate sectors.

We will also loan for new purchases.

Ana Bozovic

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Ana Bozovic | Analytics Miami

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