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Macro Updates + Miami High end single family: best performing segment in August 2023

August numbers are in, and the prevailing trends remain strong: 1) For purposes of discussion, we have two markets: the very high and and everything else. --> August sales volume of SFH past $1K / SF was higher than last year, despite overall volume drops. (Contact me for on & off market opportunities & buildable lots) 2) Data quantifying macro trends pushing high value domestic migrants keeps coming in. It is my belief that forces pushing high net worth domestic migration are still in their infancy.
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Miami Real Estate: new normal past $1K / square foot

There is a fundamental disconnect between supply & demand in the Miami and Miami Beach condo markets. Inventory has steadily risen across market segments, all while transaction volume has dropped off. Higher price points are the worst offenders. The Miami $1M+ market saw a 147% increase in supply since 2013, while sales dropped 32% in the same period
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