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Watch Ana's Q2 2018 Miami Beach condo market report.

Top 10 Neighborhood Deals Ana's Picks - list includes properties that represent the best values in our neighborhood.
Updated: August 1st, 2018

Waverly #711 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
1330 West Avenue, Miami Beach

Ana says: The best priced two bedroom in the building, only unit under $500K. Similar units facing construction are priced higher. Has unobstructed views and faces away from Monad Terrace construction. Will get all the benefit of being next door to Monad Terrace, with no downside.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Listing Waverly 711″]

Floridian #504 | One Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
650 West Avenue, Miami Beach

Ana says: The best priced one bedroom in the building, only unit under $400K. Is in great condition, and getting into the Floridian for around $300K is a great deal. Well below recent comps. Owner tried selling in 2016 starting at $360K, but seems to be serious now. Unit below it, #404, is listed at $425K!

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 2″]

Yacht Club #2001 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
90 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Ana says: Best deal for a corner unit, has amazing views. Big $50K price reduction on 7/27/2018. Is now priced less than non-corner units. Seller has gotten serious: the property was first listed for $875K in June of 2017. Asking price per square foot is now under the building's YTD average for two bedroom units. The average includes non-corner units. This property is a great deal, and the seller likely has fatigue.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 3″]

Sunset Harbour N. #2307 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
1900 Sunset Harbour Drive, Miami Beach

Ana says: Best priced high-floor unit. Highest-floor listing on the market, besides two penthouse units asking $2M+. Similarly sized units on lower floors are asking $100K more. Unit is in great shape and has beautiful views across South Beach. The per-square-foot asking price is at the building's average, which is pulled down by lower floor units. Recently listed on June 27th, this seller seems to be realistic and serious. Sunset Harbour is a fantastic place to live, and this building is right across the street from Panther Coffee, spinning, yoga, gyms, restaurants, etc...

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 4″]

Murano Grande #1609 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
400 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Ana says: Under $1M, at $695 /SF and on a high floor, this is one of the best luxury values on the beach. Unit is priced well below the building comps and is in excellent shape. Owner first tired selling it for $1,088,800 back in July of 2017, and has now adjusted to the market. This is a great deal. There are only two other units under $1M, and both are far lower on the 7th floor.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 5″]

Murano Grande #1510/1511| Four Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
400 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Ana says: One of the best priced, true four bedroom units in South Beach. A local family combined two units to create this 3,200 space. It has sweeping water and sunset views, and is priced just over $1,000 / SF. Great value per-square-foot given the direct water views and the size of the property - there really are very few true four bedrooms on the market, and they are generally priced much higher.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 6″]

Icon South Beach #1805 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
450 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Ana says: Best price-per-square foot for direct waterfront. This unit is large at 1,750 SF and is asking $971/square foot, which is under the building's average (including non-waterfront units). The property is is turn-key and features an $88K designer "Nature" designer upgrade package from Philippe Starck. This is a great deal for direct waterfront, especially since it is in excellent condition.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 7″]

Portofino Tower #1406 | Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
300 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach

Ana says: Best two bedroom deal in the building, only unit under $2M. These 2,040 SF two bedroom units are among my favorite layouts on the beach. This unit is priced at $850 / square foot. This is an excellent deal, this building used to average $1,375 / square foot. Numbers have recently come down due to extensive renovations. The brunt of the work has no been born by the current owner, and the new lobby will be completed by the end of 2018. Construction always scares away buyers, and thereby creates opportunity.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 8″]

Courts #14001| Three Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
140 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach

Ana says: This three bedroom townhouse is 1,900 square feet and has a private, two car garage. It is within the popular Courts community in South of 5th neighborhood. This is one of the best priced three bedroom properties on the beach. At an asking price of $494 /square foot, this property is coming in well below the complex's average. This is one of the best, family friendly deals in South Beach.

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 9″]

Courts #115| Two Bedroom | VIEW LISTING >
125 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach

Ana says: The best priced two bedroom unit at the Courts. This property is in immaculate condition and is located right in the middle of Miami Beach's most valuable neighborhood. As one of the lowest priced options in what has become Miami Beach's most expensive neighborhood, this complex has faired extremely well in a tough market. Bottom line: this unit is one of the best, two bedroom priced options in the entire area. The building is extremely kid friendly and is walking distance to world class restaurants, the beach, etc...

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Ana Waverly Deal 10″]

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