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2023 Q4 & 2024 Forecast: Miami Dade Real Estate Report

The Wealth & Talent Migration Continues
Census data, IRS data, license plate data, etc... all keep quantifying the ongoing wealth and talent migration. We see the appetites of the new buyers reflected in the extreme spikes in sales past $1K and $2K / square foot. Most notably, SFH past $2K / SF remain over 5x higher than 2019, pre-Covid.

The Market Is Stabilizing Around New Realities
Median prices are starting to plateau around new, post Covid levels. Sales volume at prices higher than $1M remains above pre Covid levels, while lower price points are below. And the SFH market is slightly diverging from & outperforming the condo market, as we cannot add inventory vertically.

Correct Miami Real Estate Predictions For 3 Years Straight! With Ana Bozovic and David Siddons

September, 2023

The Best Miami Real Estate Podcast!

In this episode, we have a returning guest – Miami real estate analyst, owner of Analytics Miami and dear friend, Ana Bozovic! We had an in-depth conversation discussing today's market and its sustainability. We went in-depth on what drives this market, and what can potential weaken or strengthen it

2023 MIAMI Commercial Midyear

April 28, 2023

Pictured here with Teresa Kinney, the amazing woman who is the CEO of the Miami Association 🙌

And with co-panelist, the Chief Economist for the Association, Gay Cororaton.

The event had record attendance with over 400 people registered.

Snippets are on portions of the discussion pertaining to rents and hospitality jobs.

Master Brokers Forum

March 2023

Analytics Miami founder Ana Bozovic speaks at the March 2023, Master Broker's Forum in Coral Gables.

Ana Bozovic, founder of Analytics Miami, shares her thoughts on the dramatic growth of Miami's $2,000+/square foot segment in residential real estate.

The pattern we are seeing of high sales volume past $2K per square foot tells us a great deal & is a window into:
- wealth migration
- ongoing wealth gap polarization in America
- the reshaping of life around the internet
- appetites for new product

Trends in motion tend to stay in motion.
This has all just begun.
1% of taxpayers account for 40%+ tax rev in NYC. We have not begun to feel the ramifications of wealth migration effects.

Real Estate Market by the numbers! The Freedom Achiever Podcast with David Adam Kurz

January 26, 2023

Very excited to have Ana Bozovic join us on the Freedom Achiever Podcast today. Ana is the owner of an Analytics company with a focus on understanding the real estate market in South Florida. Today we are going to dig right into what is happening in the market, what's moving and what's not!

Master Brokers Forum

May, 2022

Ana Bozovic speaks at the Master Broker's Forum in Pompano Beach, June 2022. Co-Panelists were Edgardo Defortuna, CEO of Fortune Intl and Broward County Vice Mayor Lamar Fisher. This snipped is of Ana speaking of the macro "shift in focus" away from pre-internet epicenters, such as New York City. The event was hosted at the Ritz Carlton project in Pompano Beach.

Interview with David Abrams, CEO & Founder of Masonre

April, 2022

We covered Miami real estate, the world, and the power of being limitless.

The 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast | Part 1 Is this Market Sustainable?

February, 2022

Where is the Miami Real Estate Market Going in 2022?

In this first part of our 2022 Miami Real Estate Forecast I sit down with Ana Bozovic. Ana is a Miami real estate analyst and the owner of Analytics Miami. We had an in-depth conversation discussing today's market and its sustainability. We went in-depth on what drives this market, and what can potential weaken or strengthen it.

The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate Showcase

November 10, 2021

Ana Bozovic sits with Keith Larsen of the Real Deal to discuss the forces that are shaping the South Florida and Miami real estate markets, and to give a forecast for 2022.

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